As avid readers of Little White Lies will surely know, Ex Rent Hell is a regular column dedicated to the full-body-cavity exploration of the wilting dregs of ’80s cinematic awfulness.

For nigh-on forty issues, Adam Lee Davies has collected the VHS hate crimes of The Golden Decade and written about them at often obscene, sometimes unnecessary, but always hilarious length.

In celebration of Not For Rental, Ex Rent Hell finally makes the giant leap from page to screen and on the evening of 5 July, ERH presents a screening of Francis Megahy’s 1988 film, Taffin, recently made famous by the incessant (and highly amusing) radio-based blatherings of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. See Pierce Brosnan as a face-pummelling loan shark taking care of business in the mean (and green) streets of Thatcher-era Wicklow County.

We are thrilled to be screening Taffin in its original VHS format, and the screening will be preceded by an illustrated presentation on the also-ran hard men of 1980s Hollywood and there will be lots of secret, special treats too. All proceeds from ticket sales go to Macmillan Cancer Support and Art Against Knives.

Have no idea what we’re talking about? As Taffin himself might say prior to cracking you in the head with the butt of his pump-action shooter, this should jog your memory: click here

Tickets cost £5 (Limited seats available)
Friday 5 July from 7pm – 10pm
71a Gallery, 71 Leonard st. London EC2A 4QS
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Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)